Health Insurance


2019 Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Open Enrollment Period

November 1, 2018 - December 15, 2018

For 2019, there will be two carriers in the Marketplace: Select Health and University of Utah Health Plans.

To receive an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC), which helps you with your premiums if you qualify, you must enroll through the Marketplace. There are two other carriers available for those who do not qualify for an APTC: Regence BlueCross BlueShield and United Healthcare. 

It is strongly encouraged that if you are eligible for an APTC, you renew your application each year to receive the maximum amount. If you would like assistance doing this, please call to schedule an appointment with Barbara at our office or over the phone.

Because of the shortened open enrollment, we are providing a link for you to go in and get plan information and pricing on your own if that is more convenient for you. We know that life can be busy and it may be easier for your schedule.  By using one of the following links, you will still be able to have Barbara as your “Agent of Record” on file to assist you with questions, concerns, claims assistance, or appeals all throughout the year.

Select Health (non-APTC)

You can sign up anytime for health insurance if there’s a change in your life or your job.

Some examples are: if you’ve moved to Utah from out of state, if you’ve lost your job, become self-employed, gotten married or divorced; if you just turned 26 years old; if you’ve just obtained U.S citizenship.

Here are just of few of the questions that you need to consider when you “go shopping”for a health care plan.

What is your annual income?


  • Individuals must earn at least $12,140 gross annual income to qualify for ACA plans
  • a family of three must have a minimum income of $20,780

The selection of health insurance carriers has changed drastically. For instance, there are only 26 health care plans to choose from in Salt Lake County, Utah. To choose the right one, here are just a few of the questions you’ll need to answer.

  • Who is your doctor, your specialists? Frequently, doctors and hospitals are not included in health insurance policies, so if you like or need a specific doctor, we’ll make sure they’re included in your health care policy.
  • Do you prefer one hospital over another, because of its location or because your doctor practices there?
  • Do you have a disease or condition that requires attention, surgery, special medication?


"I changed careers of 20 years in April. As part of that change I needed to get my own health care. Thankfully someone sent me to Barbara! She was incredibly patient and fantastic at explaining options. She made sure both my wife and I were on the same page and were comfortable with our decision. This was the smoothest insurance transaction I have ever had. That alone would make her worthy of doing business with."

Josh Farrer
Energy Consultant
Auric Solar
Salt Lake City, Utah